Fused Glass Bracelets

All of the glass pieces on our fused glass and dichroic glass bracelets are lovingly handmade by kiln-fusing together several layers of glass.  Fused glass jewellery is notoriously well known for being difficult to photograph especially dichroic glass as it is a medium that changes appearance both in depth and colour, through the use of lighting and the angle in which it is viewed.  We feel the photos are accurate representations of the physical pieces, however please take the time to read the product description beside each bracelet.  While reading the product description, also take note of the length of our link bracelets – at this stage, the length of these bracelets vary.  To ensure the bracelet you like will fit on your wrist, we recommend cutting a piece of string to the length of the bracelet and looping it around your wrist.  Please note: a) If the bracelet is too small, we can add 1-2 more links on each end of the bracelet.  (let us know via Contact Us) or b) If the bracelet is too large, a link or two can easily be removed.

Each and every piece of our fused glass jewellery is handmade and unique, so when you purchase a fused glass bracelet, you are literally purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of “wearable art”.  Take the time also to browse through our gorgeous fused glass pendantsearrings and rings – you might just find something perfect piece to compliment the bracelet you have chosen!

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